Life is what you make it! Today is a gift from God.

At the YMCA today during Zumba: a new lady friend said,” I love how you always have a smile 😎.” I responded that I choose to smile. That is my legacy! Even my children always smile.

Having had 12 full term children, & been married for 34 years. I used to be tired & on the couch. (I gave birth to the 1st 8 children when the oldest was 10!) Not to mention that we also had several foreign exchange students living with us, too! They liked being in large families because they didn’t feel intimidated while learning English. They could always talk with our younger children!  (We had students from Japan, Israel, Russia, PanAma, Brazil) usually 2 students at a time!  Oh yes…we also homeschooled. So, to say we were busy was an understatement. I was the main cook at home. Grinding our own flour to make homemade bread, pretzels & pizza.  We also ate lots  of fruit, veges’ & salad w/protein. I would show kids in the neighborhood where food comes from. ..( yes, we had chickens, too!) We would take up the entire back row at church.

One day a famous, wrestler, Cowboy Bill Watts said to us ‘you need freedom!’  So in between maybe 8 loads of laundry (yes, we had Cotton diapers back then.) I would listen to a tape 3x & realize the info. In this case, it was about a new field of science called glycobiology. How the body communicates at the cellular level! My husband, Jeff had 3 jobs back then (professional philharmonic bass player, waiter & he worked as a baker assistant. ) Listening to the tape in between he said “wow!” This is the future of our healthcare system!

We had just gotten an income tax check back so we decided to invest in our family ‘s health as well as to start a business in the health & wellness industry! He started to have so much energy that a neighbor asked us to call it a night! When my husband would come home from the Philharmonic & start renovating our 1920’s house! Oh yes…just about every year we would have a baby & outgrow our homes. So we would find a new  ‘fixer upper ‘.

We have been on this technology-in-wellness for 21 years! Energy, cognitive function and clarity of thought are just a few of the side effects!

Stay strong my friend. And thanks for reading!

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